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Diabetes Education

What does a Diabetes Educator do?

Credentialed Diabetes Educators are healthcare practitioners qualified to provide a client-centered approach to diabetes education and care, empower patients and assist them in dealing with daily self-management, in accordance with the National Standards of Practice for Diabetes Educators.

Diabetes Educators make a positive difference to the health conditions and lifestyle of people with diabetes because of their education and experience. Their main value is in their ability to empower individuals to undertake self-management; by using a client centred approach to tailor their support and education to each individual. The focus at Peninsula Private is to assist our inpatient population to be self-caring with their diabetes management and to integrate it into their daily lives. This occurs by working closely with other allied health professionals such as the Dietitian, and Speech Pathologist and is well supported by our treating Doctors and Endocrinologist. The aim is also to act as a resource person by providing education for nursing staff on recent developments and best practice in diabetes care.


  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Wednesday and Friday mornings

This is for inpatient education and assessment. There is currently no outpatient services offered.