Peninsula Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Who is the Emergency Department suitable for?

The Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department provides emergency care for people who need urgent medical attention. We provide care for a wide variety of patients, including general medical and surgical to paediatric, child injury, sporting injury, senior falls and sometimes those with critically ill conditions.

The Doctors and Nurses of Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department are trained and equipped to care for children of all ages.

Peninsula Private Hospital does not have a dedicated paediatric medical ward. If your child requires ongoing inpatient treatment under the care of a paediatric medical team, a transfer to another hospital may be required.

Depending on your child’s condition and circumstances, this transfer may be by private car or ambulance.

You will be informed of your child’s condition, given treatment and options and involved in any decisions regarding his/her care, including transfer to another hospital, if required.

Please note, the Department is unable to manage psychiatric, drug and alcohol, and sexual assault presentations.

  • No appointment necessary
  • No referral from a doctor necessary

What care is provided at the Emergency Department?

Everyone who presents at the Emergency Department will have an initial assessment by a specially trained nurse. Depending on your situation, you may then receive treatment by our Emergency Department Specialist Doctors and Medical Officers. You may also need to have clinical tests conducted such as blood tests, X-Rays or scans.

The Emergency Department is proud of its reputation for providing an efficient service and speedy referral to a specialist or admission to the hospital if required.

We understand a visit to the Emergency Department can be an unexpected and overwhelming experience. As a result, we encourage all patients and visitors to ask our team members any questions they may have regarding their care.

Who staffs the Peninsula Private Emergency Department?

The highly skilled team of doctors and nurses at Peninsula Private Emergency Department (ED) provide prompt and professional care 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our team includes:

  • ED Specialist Doctors – Fellows with the Australian College of Emergency Medicine
  • ED Medical Officers – Emergency and Critical Care Trained Doctors
  • ED Nurses – Post graduate qualifications in Emergency Care

How do I get to the Emergency Department?

You can present directly to Peninsula Private Emergency Department or can request to be taken there by ambulance.

The Emergency Department is located at 525 McClelland Dve, Langwarrin – close to Cranbourne Rd intersection.

  • Peninsula Link Outbound – left at Cranbourne Rd.
  • Peninsula Link Inbound – right at Cranbourne Rd.

What facilities does Peninsula Private Hospital have?

The emergency care you will receive at the Peninsula Private ED complements the existing quality medical and surgical care provided. Our onsite services include:

  • 14 Bay Emergency Department
  • 11 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • 8 Operating theatres
  • 1 Hybrid Theatre
  • 2 Cardiac Catheter Laboratory
  • Cardiac Services Unit (CCU)
  • Surgical services
  • Day surgery Unit
  • Day Oncology Unit / Infusion Clinic
  • Maternity Unit

How much does it cost?

Emergency Department Fee

As of 1st September 2023, attending the Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department will incur an Professional Attendance Fee of $425 which is not claimable from Medicare or private health insurance. This fee is payable upon presentation to Peninsula Private Emergency Department.

Please note - if admission to hospital is required, the Professional Attendance Fee is still applicable

Your medical consultation with emergency doctors is bulk billed to Medicare and will not require a payment by you.

Pathology Test Fees

Most Pathology tests undertaken in the Emergency Department will be bulk billed and you will not incur out of pocket costs for these services.

Other costs may include:

  • Radiology services: eg x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and other radiological examinations
  • Discharge medications
  • Other medical specialists if required
  • Allied health service providers
  • Appliances such as crutches and/or braces etc

What if I am admitted into the hospital?

If you require admission to hospital you will need private health insurance to pay the full hospital and medical costs yourself. Other costs you may include ;

  • Discharge Drugs
  • Exclusions within your Health Fund Policy
  • Health Fund excess or Co-payments
  • Disposables and Prosthetics

You may also receive separate accounts (posted out) for services such as:

  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Surgeon
  • Physician
  • Anaesthetist

Where is the Emergency Department (ED) located?

Peninsula Private Hospital 525 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin, near the corner of Cranbourne Rd and just off the Peninsula Link freeway.

The ED is just through the main front entrance and clearly signed. Onsite parking is available.

What time is the Emergency Department (ED) open?

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Who can attend the Emergency Department (ED)?

Anyone can attend the ED. All patients will have to pay the doctor’s consultation fee and other fees detailed above. If you require admission to Peninsula Private Hospital or another of our affiliated private hospitals, you will need private health insurance or pay the full hospital and medical costs yourself.

Do I need to make an appointment to attend your ED?

No. We will assess your care needs on arrival and according to the urgency of your condition we will ensure you are attended to at the earliest possible time. There will be a clock on our website indicating approximate wait times.

Will my GP know about my ED presentation?

You will be provided with a discharge letter either from the ED department or from the hospital upon discharge. ED Specialists will liaise directly with your GP if required.

Do you have a Pharmacy available in your hospital?

We have a 24 hour 365 days Ramsay retail pharmacy which will be able to dispense medications you require. You will need to pay for any medications you take home. The Pharmacy is available to any member of the public at any time and also services the hospital. 

Can I request to be looked after by my usual specialist if I require admission?

We will have a 24 hour on call roster of accredited medical specialists available for many of our specialty services. You will be able to ask that your usual specialist is contacted and agrees to oversee your care should you need to stay in hospital.

Will you treat children in your ED?

Our Emergency team are trained to look after paediatric patients. However if they require hospital admission there are a number of specialties we cater to for treating children and others that will require speciality care elsewhere. We would arrange an appropriate method of transfer should this be required.