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Surgery options to help you through your weight loss journey

To help our patients reach achievable and sustainable weight loss goals, our specialists at Peninsula Private Hospital Hospital work within multidisciplinary teams.

Covering four key areas for weight loss, your surgeon, dietitian, psychologist and physician will develop an individualised plan, tailored to help you achieve your goals.


The main role of the surgeon is to educate you on what the different options are for your individual goals and circumstances.

If surgery is the path you take, the surgeon will help you decide on the right procedure for your individual needs and circumstances.


A dietitian helps you to make necessary changes to your eating behaviours. They provide support on good food choices and assist with creating new positive eating patterns.

If weight loss surgery is the right option for you, the dietitian will support you, where required, with a very low-calorie diet meal plan, as well as a post-operative meal plan.


Obesity can be associated with mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and stress eating.

For this reason, at times a surgeon may refer their patients to a psychologist. Psychology support is important to help manage pre-existing issues, and to help you mentally prepare so you can get the best results from your treatment.


Obesity is often associated with other medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnoea and other respiratory problems. The physician works with your team to help manage these health issues while optimising your health so surgery can be performed as safely as possible.

As many underlying health conditions can improve after the surgery, the physician will also work with you post-operatively to make sure that your medications are suited to your health needs as they change.

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