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Cardiac Services on Mornington Peninsula

Comprehensive Cardiac Services

Peninsula Private Hospital is the only private medical facility on the Mornington Peninsula specializing in cutting edge diagnostic, emergency and elective heart and cardiovascular care including open heart surgery. Located in Frankston, we also service the surrounding regions of Western Port Bay and West Gippsland, and are one of the largest private cardiac care providers in South Eastern Victoria.

Peninsula Private undertakes the latest cardiac procedures in a state of the art cardiac catheter laboratory and is able to provide primary angioplasty services 24 hours a day, supported by a 36 cardiac bed coronary care unit with world class wireless monitoring. In addition, cardiothoracic surgery (open heart surgery) is available onsite, supported by a dedicated state of the art operating theatre and intensive care unit.



Specialist Consulting

Diagnostic Cardiology through our accredited cardiologists' private rooms - click here for list of cardiologists

  • Treadmill stress test
  • Echocardiogram
  • Holter (ECG) monitor
  • BP monitor
  • Tilt Table Test
  • 128 Multi-slice Cardiac CT (in collaboration with MIA Radiology, Peninsula Private Hospital)

Diagnostic Imaging in collaboration with MIA Radiology, Peninsula Private Hospital

  • Coronary Calcium Scoring / IVP
  • 128 multi-slice CT Angiography & Cardiac CT
  • Doppler
  • Echocardiography
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound

Interventional Cardiology tests and procedures

  • Coronary angiogram and stents
  • Coronary rotablator debulking
  • Intravascular ultrasound to check details of coronary narrowings
  • Renal artery angiogram and stent
  • Pacemaker insertion including biventricular and defibrillator pacemakers
  • Electrical cardioversion
  • Pericardiocentesis (draining fluid from the sac surrounding the heart)
  • Renal denervation (for resistant hypertension)
  • WATCHMAN® Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) Closure (stroke prevention for AF patients)

Cardiac Electrophysiology Services

  • Electrophysiology study (EPS)
  • SVT and WPW ablation
  • Atrial flutter ablation

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)

TAVI is an innovative way to treat severe AS. It is minimally invasive and is performed in our Cardiac Catheter Lab. It is most suitable for older patients at too high surgical risk for SAVR. It also allows patients to recover post operatively more quickly, with less pain and a shorter hospital stay.

In the TAVI procedure, the valve is squeezed down onto a balloon, inserted into the body via a catheter, and tracked to the heart for implantation. This can be done without opening the chest or using the heart-lung pump. The catheter may be inserted through the femoral artery or through a small incision in the chest over the heart. When the valve is positioned inside the faulty aortic valve, the balloon is inflated and the new valve is precisely positioned.


  • Coronary bypass surgery (CAGs), including total arterial grafting and off-pump surgery
  • Cardiac valve repair &  replacement
  • Reconstruction/ replacement of the thoracic aorta, including the arch
  • Electrophysiology surgery for life-threatening arrhythmias
  • Correction of congenital cardiac abnormalities in adults

Healthy Heart Program (Cardiac Rehabilitation)

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Why we are different

The Peninsula Private Difference Why it Matters to You

Only comprehensive private cardiac care service on the Mornington Peninsula


Only open heart surgery centre on the Mornington Peninsula 

All cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment services, including emergency cardiac services are provided in one location onsite, 24/7. This means that you will be treated immediately by cardiologists in the case of an emergency heart attack, significantly reducing the risk of increased heart damage or even death.

If emergency open heart surgery is required you won’t have to be transported to another hospital. This significantly reduces the risk of increased heart damage or even death.

Only facility on the Mornington Peninsula performing cardiac CT using a 128 slice CT scanner

Our state of the art technology provides a more accurate view of the heart than the traditional 64 slice CT scan. Cardiologists can more quickly and accurately pinpoint and treat heart conditions and perform coronary angiograms.

The newest interventional catheterization lab on the Mornington Peninsula meeting ISO 9001 accreditation standards and College guidelines for emergency heart attacks.

The faster and more effectively advanced cardiac disease is diagnosed and treated, the less more invasive procedures are required and the more heart muscle (and lives) can be saved.

Only local private Emergency Cardiac Care Service and private Intensive Care Unit serving the Mornington Peninsula.


Peninsula Private’s Cardiac Unit is only one of six private hospitals nationwide that voluntarily submits coronary surgery outcome data to the National Cardiac Surgery Database Program for external benchmarking of all cardiac surgery.

Our cardiology service has the region’s highest emergency cardiac designation and is staffed around the clock with cardiologists specially trained in emergency cardiac care. Our cardiologists work closely with our radiology colleagues to provide emergency cardiac care, and our cardiothoracic surgeons, who offer onsite open heart surgery which is supported by our intensive care unit.

These reports provide an overview and comparison of the patients who underwent cardiac surgery, the types of surgery performed, complications and other details relating to risk and the outcomes of cardiac surgery.

Peninsula Private consistently surpasses the national average for time between patient arrival and emergency cardiac catheterization

The national guideline for "door to balloon" (catheterization) is 90 minutes. To date, Peninsula Private has surpassed this 100% of the time. Our "door to balloon" average is 11 minutes.

Peninsula Private provides remote EKG equipment to local emergency transport vehicles  (MICA ambulances)

Emergency medical responders transmit EKG (heart) data directly to Peninsula Private before patients even arrive. As a result, our cardiologists save valuable time in diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

Peninsula Private has 7 visiting cardiologists, 5 physicians and 2 cardiothoracic surgeons, and the largest team of private visiting specialists on the Mornington Peninsula

Heart disease often involves more than one medical condition and requires more than one medical specialist. Our team of specialists work closely together providing seamless patient care.