Peninsula Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Doctors Consultation Fee

As of 1st September 2023, attending the Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department will incur a doctor consultation fee of $425, which is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. This fee is to ensure there are specialist Emergency Doctors available to provide you with quality and prompt emergency care..

This fee will be payable upon presentation to Peninsula Private Emergency Department.

In addition, Medicare will be billed for your presentation, however the Medicare amount will not be payable by you.

Please note - if admission to hospital is required, the Emergency Department doctor consultation fee is still applicable.

Pathology Test Fees

Most Pathology tests undertaken in the Emergency Department will be bulk billed and you will not incur out of pocket costs for these services.

Other costs may include:

  • Radiology services: eg x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and other radiological examinations
  • Discharge medications
  • Other medical specialists if required
  • Allied health service providers
  • Appliances such as crutches and/or braces etc