Peninsula Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Emergency Care

What care is provided at the Emergency Department?

Everyone who presents at the Emergency Department will have an initial assessment by a specially trained nurse.

Depending on your situation, you may then receive treatment by our Emergency Department Specialist Doctors and Medical Officers. You may also need to have clinical tests conducted such as blood tests, X-Rays or scans.

The Emergency Department is proud of its reputation for providing a fast, efficient service with minimal waiting periods and speedy referral to a specialist or admission to the hospital if required.

We understand a visit to the Emergency Department can be an unexpected and overwhelming experience. As a result, we encourage all patients and visitors to ask our team members any questions they may have regarding their care.

Upon Arrival

Please present to the triage desk for assessment. Our aim is to see all patients in a timely manner, consistent with clinical need. This means that you may not be seen in order of attendance. If another patient arrives with a more serious condition, you may be required to wait. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you can, please bring with you:

  • Medicare card
  • any other entitlement cards (health care, pension, veterans, safety net)
  • private health insurance details (if applicable)
  • current medications
  • x-rays/ultrasounds/scans that may be related to your condition
  • general practitioner’s (GP) details
  • employment contact details if your condition is covered by Workers’ Compensation

Emergency Conditions We Treat

The Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department provides emergency care for people who need urgent medical attention. We provide care for a wide variety of patients, including:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Senior falls
  • Child injury
  • Sporting injury
  • Workplace injury
  • Cardiac conditions such as heart attack

The Doctors and Nurses of Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department are trained and equipped to care for children of all ages.


Peninsula Private Hospital does not have a dedicated paediatric medical ward. If your child requires ongoing inpatient treatment under the care of a paediatric medical team, they may be transferred to another hospital.

Depending on your child’s condition and circumstances, this transfer may be by private car or ambulance.

You will be informed of your child’s condition, given treatment and options and involved in any decisions regarding his/her care, including transfer to another hospital, if required.

The Department is also unable to manage psychiatric, drug and alcohol, and sexual assault presentations.