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Know My Midwife

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About Know My Midwife

Here at Peninsula Private Hospital we believe it’s important you surround yourself with the right people to support you on your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

The Know My Midwife program gives women the very best in Midwifery Continuity-of-Care through the coordination of regular antenatal appointments, care in labour and birth and postnatal care with our highly experienced Peninsula Private Hospital KMM Midwives. Our program gives you the opportunity to form meaningful and trusted relationships with those who will be with you on your path to childbirth.

Please note, this program doesn’t replace any of our visits with your Obstetrician or the care they provide but is an additional component to your maternity journey at Peninsula Private Hospital.

The role of a midwife

The word midwife essentially means ‘with woman’. It is a value-system which considers the journey of bringing a child into the world, and raising them, to be important and profound.

In partnership with your Obstetrician, who will provide specialist pregnancy & birth related care, our midwives will also care for your holistic health needs – physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural, and the needs of your baby.

How does the program work

As part of our Know My Midwife program, you’ll have a dedicated midwifery team to care for you on your journey through pregnancy, labour and birth. We will also be there to support you throughout the 6 week postnatal period.

  • Minimum 4 antenatal appointments (currently offered via phone consultation) with our team of midwives. These will be scheduled at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy. We can chat about your how your pregnancy is going, what your birth plans are, and practical things like what to pack in your bag and where to park. We will also make sure you are booked in to receive our complimentary birth class if you are interested.
  • Minimum 2 postnatal appointments (currently offered via phone consultation) with our team of midwives – so we can check in on how you and your little one are going.

These appointments won’t replace any of the visits with your Obstetrician, but rather run alongside them, so that when it comes time to have your baby you will likely see more than one familiar face.

All our usual Maternity services are still included; such as antenatal classes, breastfeeding advice, and parenting education & support.

How do I participate in the Know My Midwife (KMM) program?

  1. Choose to have your baby at Peninsula Private Hospital
  2. Discuss KMM program with your Obstetrician (from as early as your first appointment).
  3. Once you have booked in online to have your baby at Peninsula Private Hospital you can expect a call from our midwives within a few weeks.

Alternatively, contact the Peninsula Private Hospital Midwifery Unit on (03) 9788 3468