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Preparing for Baby

Choosing an Obstetrician

Our Obstetricians and GP Obstetricians choose to deliver and care for their patients at Peninsula Private because of our high quality facilities and the reassurance of direct access to a comprehensive range of onsite medical services.

If your preferred obstetrician is accredited with us, they may be able to deliver your baby at Peninsula Private Hospital on request.

Tours and Classes

We welcome tours of our maternity unit. A tour of our maternity unit and delivery suite is also provided as part of the childbirth education classes.

In line with our family focussed philosophy, we offer an extensive education program to prepare you and your family for the arrival of a new baby.

Childbirth Education & Breastfeeding classes: commence during your pregnancy and are held onsite in our maternity unit. These classes are coordinated by our experienced midwifery childbirth educators and you are provided with additional resources to help you prepare for the birth and care of your baby, breastfeeding and parenting skills.

Pre-Natal Physiotherapy: a local provider offers this service to further prepare you for labour and childbirth. Topics included are pelvic floor care, posture & back care, postnatal recovery & beyond.

Maternity Bookings

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed by your GP, you can request a referral to see one of our accredited specialist obstetricians. Alternatively, you may choose to see one of our accredited GP obstetricians.

To deliver you baby at Peninsula Private Hospital, you need to make a maternity booking with us. The booking forms are available from your obstetrician’s rooms (usually given to you at your first doctor’s appointment) or pick up from the maternity unit.

Please note that your maternity booking at Peninsula Private Hospital is not guaranteed until we have received all of your completed and signed paperwork. To secure your booking, it is strongly advised that your return your booking forms within 2 weeks of receiving them, or at 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Once we have received and processed your completed booking forms, we will send you a letter confirming your booking and allocated childbirth education classes (if requested). The ultimate maternity experience

For any questions regarding tours, classes or maternity bookings, please call our Maternity Clerical Coordinator on (03) 9788 3468.

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