Maternity Unit - Mornington Peninsula

Peninsula Private Hospital is operated by Ramsay Health Care. Many of Ramsay’s hospitals provide maternity services. So, what does this mean for you?

It means we know our business – Health Care. It means we swap and share ideas and innovations. It means we strive for a high standard in all aspects of our business and through the maternity network; we are well positioned to implement evidenced based clinical practice in all aspects of care.

Peninsula Private Hospital employs senior doctors to assist treating specialists. These senior doctors are available in the hospital outside normal working hours, and available 24 hours a day every weekend.

On call rosters are available which guarantee paediatricians and anaesthetists are available to meet all your needs and those of your baby. A similar roster arrangement is in place for the Obstetricians.

The staff of our Maternity Unit are committed to the philosophy of family centred care, which allows a greater involvement of all family members in the birth and care of the new baby

Our Commitment to you & your Baby

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