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Know My Midwife

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How does the program work

As part of the Know My Midwife program, you’ll have a dedicated midwifery team to care for you during pregnancy, support you during labour, and be with you during birth. You’ll also connect with a midwife around 6 weeks post-natal.

  • Minimum 4 x antenatal appointments at Peninsula Private Hospital with your dedicated Midwife. These will be scheduled at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy, in addition to your Obstetrician appointments.
  • A midwife booked in for your labour & birth – whether it’s a spontaneous labour, or elective caesarean – she’ll be there to support you.
  • 1 x post-natal appointment at Peninsula Private Hospital with your a midwife – so we can check in with you and your little one.
  • All our usual maternity services are still included, such as antenatal classes, breastfeeding advice, and parenting education & support.

Once we have received a referral from your Obstetrician, a KMM Midwife will make contact with you to arrange an antenatal appointment and meet you.

The Midwifes and your Obstetricians will share your care. They both will provide you and your loved ones with individual care and follow you through your journey into motherhood.

No out of pocket Obstetrician fees

When you join our Know My Midwife Program at Peninsula Private Hospital, a team of Obstetricians will waive their out of pocket fees. Please see link below.

How do I participate in the Know My Midwife (KMM) program?

Chose to have your baby at Peninsula Private Hospital

Discuss KMM program with your Obstetrician (from as early as your first appointment).

Contact the Peninsula Private Hospital Midwifery Unit on (03) 9788 3468 or email